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Our Donors

Spruce Mtn.png

Spruce Mtn Isabel 9527

Featured proven donor from the heart of the Deer Valley embryo program and produced by the former cornerstone of the Spruce Mountain Ranch and Express Ranches Isabel families, Isabel C235 sired by the foundation female sire, Payweight 1682 and the $80,000 Monumental 6056B. Isabel C235, the dam of 9527 is a direct daughter of the prolific and legendary Baldridge Performance Angus and Dixie Valley Ranch highlight, Isabel Y69 sired by the female maker, Xpand x743. The dam of 9527 records a BR 3@97 and a WR 3@103 while carrying ultrasound ratios IMF 46@99 and REA 46@100. Full siblings to the dam of this donor include: the $580,000 record-selling Baldridge Performance Angus and Spruce Mountain Ranch sire, Colonel C251; and the Spruce Mountain Ranch donor, Isabel C270.


BJ Home Town 1203_20235825.png

BJ Home Town 1203


This young Home Town daughter has excelled at every test thrown at her. She is a maternal sister to the leading ORIgen and ABS sire BJ Surpass. Sisters to this female include the $40,000 Deer Valley and Four Sons donor SC Hometown 261,and the power producer in the Boyd/Spruce Mountain program BJ Playbook 9240.

Tamme Valley Rita 204.jpg



A superb EPD profile with multiple traits ranking near the top of the breed highlighted with an excellent $M/$C combination along with excelling to the top 2% of the breed for weaning growth and a 10% ranking for yearling growth. 

4 Sons Pleasant Pride.png

4 Sons Pleasant Pride 7K56


A super attractive, double-digit calving ease Breakthrough daughter that stems from a dam that combines Fireball and the Pathfinder sire PA Power Tool. Check out the foot and PAP score on this female along with the elite carcass merit and $Values.

4 Sons Blackcap 8K27.jpg

4 Sons Blackcap 8K27


Check out the phenotype in this female; big stout hip with a cool front end. A Surpass daughter that stems from a dam that combines the two Pathfinder Sires Discovery and Protege. This female is super balanced and the type and kind that we all love. 


Wilson Erica Driftwood 954


A very-cool made daughter of the limited Poss Deadwood. Elegant in her overall make up and design, she ahs 22 EPDs in the top 30% of the breed. Her $M +68 and $C +379.

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